What is the Difference between UX and Usability?

User experience and usability are two terms that have some overlapping points, but still do not mean the same thing. Both terms focus on user satisfaction when dealing with digital, physical or analog products. Usability as a quality attribute Usability refers to the user-friendliness or usability of systems or products […]

UX basics to go: Prototypes

In the category UX basics to go we present different user experience and usability terms. Exactly the right thing for everyone who wants to acquire basic knowledge about UX very quickly. Today we look at: prototypes Prototype… what are you thinking of when hearing that term? Cars? Or maybe robots? That is […]

UX basics to go: Affordance

In the category UX basics to go we present different user experience and usability basic terms. Exactly the right thing for everyone who wants to acquire basic knowledge about UX very quickly. Today we look at: Affordance Those who listen to a well-founded discussion about usability will sooner or later […]

Facit Digital offers User Experience Seminar

Usability? Sure, I know what that is. What exactly? Hm… Usability and user experience are the buzzwords of recent years. You don’t have to be an expert to be aware of the importance of usability of products or digital applications. Nevertheless, many people ask themselves what exactly is behind the […]

Secure passwords and user experience – a tricky relationship?

How to make the login process easier for users Hacker attacks and data leaks as well as the GDPR implementation have raised the awareness for data security issues in society. Nevertheless, only very few internet users use really secure passwords. We therefore collected some tips on how you as a […]
Jobs to Be Done

Jobs to Be Done – Examining user requirements product-independently

Jobs to Be Done (JTBD) is an approach to interviewing and researching user needs. Instead of investigating the use and properties of products or services, the method focuses on the users’ original problems – their “jobs”. Users don’t just buy a product. Users “hire” products or services to solve a […]

Inside Facit Digital – or: what it means to work as an UX Consultant

From now on Facit Digital employees will be introduced regularly under the heading “Inside Facit Digital”. In this interview they describe how they came to Facit Digital, what they do every day and what is special about working in user experience research. Making a start: Florian Völkl, Senior Consultant 1. […]

Ethnographic studies: The foundation of successful products

Recognition of user needs in everyday life An ethnographic study is particularly useful if precise user needs in everyday life should be investigated. Many problems often only occur in the real usage environment when other factors make an impact on usage. Surveys or classical interviews are not useful in this […]

User experience with voice user interfaces – a diary study using Amazon Echo as an example

Voice user interfaces are in no way a new phenomenon. Siri has been on the market since 2011. However, with the seemingly omnipresent advertising for Amazon Echo, the topic is now more relevant than ever. Competitors of the Echo are very active in this field, too. Google with Assistant, Microsoft […]
Facit Digital UX Fails

Facit Digital Top 10 UX Fails – Experiences from 10 Years of User Experience Research

Facit Digital turns 10! Ten years of user research have given us an almost inexhaustible pool of UX dos and don’ ts. Many UX trends have come, some have remained, others have disappeared quickly. Here are our Top 10 UX Fails from 10 years of research at Facit Digital (and […]