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Information processing and its constraints – When too much is just too much.

How do we process information? Some people prefer to visualize information, others build a mnemonic to understand and store information or simply learn text by heart through several repetitions. However, the human capacity to absorb and process information is limited. The working memory can temporarily store and process about seven […]

Inside Facit Digital – or: what it means to work as a UX Consultant

Under the heading “Inside Facit Digital” we regularly introduce Facit Digital employees. This time Thomas Pfab gives an insight into the daily work at Facit Digital. Thomas has been working at Facit Digital since 2015 and tells us what he does every day as a UX Consultant, what is special […]

UX Basics to go: Usability Maturity (Part 2)

In our last blog post you could read about how “usability maturity” is defined. We have familiarized you with the maturity levels “incomplete”, “performed”, “managed” and “innovating”. All well and good – but how do you make your company actually “mature” in terms of usability? How can a company develop […]

UX Basics to go: Usability Maturity (Part 1)

In the category UX basics to go we present different user experience and usability terms. Exactly the right thing for everyone who wants to acquire basic knowledge about UX very quickly. Today we look at: Usability Maturity While the awareness of the importance of usability has grown steadily in recent […]

Interviewing: Effectively design personal conversations with the user

UX research is all about the user: Is it easy for him to navigate the website? Can he use the website without any problems? Is the information presented in a comprehensible way and easy to find? These and other questions can best be answered in a personal conversation with the […]

Watch out! Blog article access expires in 2 minutes – Scarcity and its applications

”Hurry while supplies last!“ ”Only 5 seats left at this price!“ “90% of accommodation in Munich for your dates are already booked.” Does this sound familiar to you? Certainly, you have already come across such slogans. In all likelihood, your fingertips have already been twitching from time to time, so […]

Ambient Assisted Living – Fundamental UX Research

The majority of older people want to age in their own living environment and not in a nursing home. But more often than not, older people living at home alone are not able to cope with everyday life anymore without external help. This is where digitization promises a big potential, […]
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Don’t forget the basics

Your product is innovative, the features cause excitement, and it’s also visually appealing? If the basics, however, are insufficient, this can easily kill a good user experience and scare customers away permanently. Here’s what happened to myself. It was May 2018 – Apple Pay has already been live for four […]

Slipping into the role of the user with expert evaluation

Do I always need a classic UX test? Successful websites convince their users with a good usability. Ease of use and good preparation of information are the basic conditions for a high conversion rate. In order to optimize the usability of a website, the direct feedback of the users is very […]