Facit Digital offers User Experience Seminar


Usability? Sure, I know what that is.

What exactly? Hm…

Usability and user experience are the buzzwords of recent years. You don’t have to be an expert to be aware of the importance of usability of products or digital applications. Nevertheless, many people ask themselves what exactly is behind the terms and how they can make a concrete contribution to reducing usage hurdles and thus increase the enjoyment of their use. Perhaps you are already working closely with usability professionals or UX designers. Or you would like to better understand and evaluate discussed measures yourself. Then the Facit Digital User Experience Seminar is the right place for you.

Become a certified Usability and User Experience Professional

As a recognized training provider of the International Usability and User Experience Qualification Board (UXQB), Facit Digital offers you a two-day seminar on the most important terms and processes related to usability and user experience. Based on the curriculum of the UXQB, our certified usability experts impart the theoretical basic knowledge in the area of usability and user experience to you and deepen it with practice-oriented examples. Following the User Experience Seminar there is also the opportunity to obtain the official certification as “Certified Professional for Usability and User Experience – Foundation Level (CPUX-F)” of the UXQB.

Close to practice: training at Facit Digital

In our in-house UX laboratory you have the special opportunity to experience processes in the field of usability research first hand. You will apply your acquired basic knowledge to real cases. Our experienced research experts impart their knowledge on the basis of real use cases and report on their own experiences gathered over many years.

Training with practical insights: The seminar takes place directly next to the Facit Digital Usability Test Studio.

Which contents are imparted?

The seminar conveys a basic understanding of processes and terms in the field of usability and user experience – adapted to the latest state of research and current technologies. You will get to know usability principles and guidelines that enable you to directly evaluate products, applications or services. Seminar content on human-centered design covers the entire process from understanding the context of use to deriving usage requirements to the conception and evaluation of design solutions. You will also gain insights into the usability test method as well as into process management and the use of other research methods. You will then apply your knowledge in practical exercises. We orient ourselves on the official curriculum of the UXQB.

Am I right here?

The User Experience Seminar is suitable for all stakeholders in the planning and design process of user interfaces, i.e. anyone who works with usability/ UX professionals and would like to acquire a basic understanding of terms and processes in the field of usability and user experience. The contents are for example relevant for product and project managers, software developers, product and user interface designers as well as marketing experts.

In addition, the seminar is aimed at all usability professionals who want to refresh their knowledge.

Are you interested? Please contact us for further details about the training and how you can participate in the seminar: uxtraining@facit-group.com

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Sandra Schuster
Sandra Schuster
Sandra ist General Manager bei Facit Digital. Als Soziologin und Psychologin mit einem Faible für digitale Trends und Innovationen betreibt sie seit 10 Jahren leidenschaftlich und methodisch versiert User Experience-Forschung. Ihr Wissen teilt sie gern: Als Kundenberaterin, Bloggerin, Hochschul-Dozentin und zertifizierte UXQB-Trainerin. /// Sandra is General Manager of Facit Digital. As a sociologist and psychologist with a penchant for digital trends and innovations, she has been passionately and methodically proficient in user experience research for 10 years. She likes to share her knowledge: as a customer consultant, blogger, university lecturer and certified UXQB trainer.